About Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur Games, founded in 2011, is an independent boutique game developer that is passionate about creating and publishing addictive, fun and intuitive video games that are digitally downloadable and can be played on PCs, MACs and game consoles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop addictive, fun and intuitive 3D video games that can be purchased through online digital marketplaces.

Our Motto

Addictive, Fun and Intuitive

Our Values

At Dinosaur Games, our values include:

  • Passion for creating engaging and entertaining 3D video games;
  • Teamwork that fosters a family-oriented workplace environment;
  • Creativity in thought, actions and outcomes;
  • Accountability on both the individual and team level for decisions, actions and outcomes.

What's New With Us

Dinosaur featured in It’s Art Magazine!

Art from MechKnight Chronicles was featured on It’s Art Magazine.


The website features their favorite artwork submitted to Sketchfab each week.


Dinosaur Featured on Sketchfab!

Art from Dinosaur was featured in the 3-year anniversary timeline of Sketchfab.com. We highlight the rollout for v2 of their website.


About Sketchfab: Sketchfab is the place to be for 3D files, platform to publish and find the best 3D content. Millions of people make 3D models or scan the real world in 3D, why would they share this in 2D? What YouTube did for video makers, or Soundcloud for musicians, we are doing it for creators of 3D content. Sketchfab integrates with all major 3D creation tools, supports 28 native 3D formats, and displays them in browser in real-time. The Sketchfab 3D viewer can be embedded on any web page, as easily as a YouTube video.


Dinosaur Games Becomes Official Nintendo Developers

We here at Dinosaur are proud to announce that we were approved as official Nintendo Developers! The next step is to submit MechKnight Chronicles so all you Nintendo fans can brawl on your favorite system!