Passion is the key to productivity and quality. Here at Dinosaur, we match our team based on the project. This ensures that we arrive at the highest quality product at the end of our journey.


Dinosaur believes in 'Creativity First.' Products make their mark when they stand out from the crowd. We never settle for the norm and always push to make sure we are making the best product possible.


Teamwork is key when you're faced with strict deadlines and working within a tight budget. We work with experienced professionals who understand what it really means to be part of a team.

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what we do

Build Games and Experiences

Here at Dinosaur we're most passionate about games. Do you have an idea? We will help you bring it to life.

Provide High-Quality Art Content

Dinosaur retains a great group of artists. Do you need an instant art team? We provide a plug-n-play solution.

Provide Programming Services

Dinosaur retains a great group of programmers. Need an idea proxied out or a game ported? Dinosaur is here.

Project Management and Consultation

Dinosaur's leaders have the experience to lead your project to success. Our leadership can be yours.

No project is too small or too large!

Our scalable team can match any style and fit any budget; Indie or AAA!


Our Secret Lies In Our Experience!

Minimize risk by employing an experienced team!

our team

  • Jesse Sosa

    Jesse is an award-winning Art Director and 3D character artist with 15 years of industry experience and over 25 games and VR experiences under his belt.

  • Travis Tharrett

    Travis specializes in character animation and rigging. He is a 13 year veteran of the video game industry and has worked on over 20 games and VR experiences.

  • Stephen Tharrett

    Stephen is a 35+ year veteran of the health, fitness, and hospitality industries and has spoken on leadership and management at conferences around the world.

Dinosaur Is For You!

Let's work together and make something special!

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