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Recent Projects

Dinosaur has either fully developed or contributed to the production of the following projects.


Rigging - Animation - Proxy Character Art
Concept Art

Rigging - Animation
Art Optimization

Code Maintenance and Storefront
Implementation for PC Platforms

3D Art - Animation - Rigging - Engineering
VFX - Tech Art - Design - Project Management

Rigging - Animation - 3D Character Art
Initial Design - Art Direction

Rigging - Animation
3D Character Art

3D Environment Art - Lighting
Tech Art - Art Management

3D Env Art - Animation - Engineering
VFX - Lighting - Concepts - Art Management

Rigging - Tech Animation - VFX
Tech Character Art - Art Management

Rigging - Animation - 3D Art - Tech Art
VFX - Art Management

Art Direction - Management
Rigging - Animation

Art Direction

Art Direction


Team Dinosaur

We are a group of highly experienced game developers that want to make fun games on our own time.